DIC – Circular damping insert is standardly made of galvanized sheet metal, with a maximum length Lm specified in the technical conditions TPT 24-17 (Table 2) and according to the type of insert it is equipped with pressed flanges.

Operating temperature of the “standard” version is from -25°C to +80°C
Operating temperature of the “special” version is from -25°C to +200°C

Type of damping insert

DIC – damping insert without flanges, usually inserted into the pipe,
DIC1F– damping insert with one 1P flange
DIC2F – damping insert with two 2P flanges Ordering pattern:
DIC (1P,2P) – d / PREV / quantity pcs

Design – PREV :
ST-130-Zn design “standard” – Lm = 130 mm – material galvanized sheet
ST-190-Zn design “standard” – Lm = 190 mm – material galvanized sheet
ST-150-Ne design “standard” – Lm = 150 mm – material stainless steel sheet
SP-150-Zn design “special” – Lm = 150 mm – material galvanized sheet
SP-240-Zn design “special” – Lm = 240 mm – material galvanized sheet


DIC2F – d 315 – ST-130-Zn – 1pc

Example of ordering a circular damping insert with two flanges with a diameter of d=315mm, in standard design, length 130mm, made of galvanized material.