The company Technov, s.r.o. is among the leading Slovak producers of ducts and accessories. The assortment, size ranges, and services offered are very extensive. With its innovative focus, it is also able to respond to special customer requests.

  • The standard material used in production is galvanized sheet DX51D Z275 MAC, however, based on customers’ requirements we provide production and processing from other sheets and noble metals.
  • Offered products are designed, manufactured, and placed on the market in accordance with all quality and safety requirements according to the principles Integrated Management System, and in accordance with valid legislation and of course, in accordance with the requirements of business partners.
  • The company provides a quality guarantee and with its products provides a solution to ensure functionality and a high standard of today’s modern architecture complexes. The high quality of our products is also evidenced by the fact that they are delivered to important objects. Whether it’s medical facilities and hospitals, nuclear power plants, airports, hotel complexes, residential buildings, shopping malls, administrative, production, and logistic spaces.
  • By using the latest technologies, CNC machine equipment, flexibility, and flexible response to the demands of business partners, the company guarantees precise and timely fulfillment of customers’ orders.
  • The introduction of a specially developed Complex Business Information System not only streamlines the process of the entire order implementation but also the possibility of providing superior services to customers, such as processing of documentation in 3D views, outputs by individual sectors, branches, facilities, floors, etc.
  • The company provides transport of its products upon request. For this reason, it also pays attention to the renewal, modernization, and addition of the vehicle fleet.
  • Gradually acquired references from the domestic market, but also other European countries (Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Russia) also help us to assert ourselves and make our company known in other markets.

With the quality, responsibility, honesty, respect, and comfort provided to our customers, we fulfill our mission and build the good name of our company, which is also proven by the year-on-year increase in the number of our customers.

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