Production and services


TECHNOV company successfully provides comprehensive services in the field of air conditioning and ventilation.

Our supplies and products are suitable for areas

  • production areas
  • medical areas
  • cultural and sporting facilities
  • administrative facilities
  • shops and business space
  • hotels, cattering and accomodation household equipments
  • households
  • fireplace warm air distribution (higher efficiency then with Thermoflex pipe)

We provide a complete supply of HVAC equipment and produce:

  • rectangular ducts and duct tees
  • coiled ducts and round tees (also atypical)
  • round elbows 15° – 90°
  • connectors for round pipes and tees
  • round caps
  • round regulation flaps, also in tight variant
  • collars for rectangular and round duct
  • round and rectangular exhaust duct with screen
  • round and rectangular inlets/outlets
  • round and rectangular direct exhaust pieces
  • vapour extractors
  • anti-noise jalousie
  • anti-sand jalousie
  • anti-rain jalousie, also a profiled AL variant
  • samoťahová hlavica
  • round flexible connections
  • rectangular flexible connections
  • silencer insert
  • diffuser boxes for rectangular and round plates
  • protective grilles rectangular
  • protective grilles round
  • rectangular and round dampers
  • and other according customers requirements

Provided services:

  • precision punching
  • cross cutting of sheet metal from coil
  • plasma cutting up to thickness 10mm
  • bending and press brakeing
  • cutting of sheet metal up to thickness 2 mm
  • spot welding and pressing
  • MIG, MAG and TIG welding
  • folding
  • curling
  • coating services
  • painting
  • transport services