Production of components for air conditioning and ventilation, sheet metal processing.

Company mission

The mission of Technov, s.r.o. company, is since 2007 realisation of complex distribution of air conditioning components  and other products made from sheet metal and precious metal, provide expert advice and services.

To achieve the maximum satisfaction of Slovak and foreign business partners, our company has set goals and visions and their gradual fulfillment included Technov company among the important and competitive companies in the domestic and other European markets.

Important aspects in achieving our visions :

  • pays close attention to the quality of world-class, quality certification for Slovak and other international markets
  • expanding product lines, products portfolio with the aim of flexible response to market requirements
  • building good business strategy
  • customer behavior with a professional approach
  • effort to move closer to the customer, stabilize their present structure and intensive established cooperation with new business partners
  • modernisation of company – implementation of the principles of new technologies and expansion of technology base, fleet, production and warehouse areas
  • increase of professionality and skills of employees
  • rationalization and progressive increase in all activities in order to increase efficiency and flexibility
  • paying a significant attention to environmental behavior of company

In 2019, the company moved to a newly built factory in the industrial park of Rumanová in order to expand its services and improve processes and products. This step is a major milestone in the company’s history, which will provide us with greater market stability and a wider scope of operations.

New factory




Old factory